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Home Smoke Detectors

No Australian home should be without a smoke detector, and these simple devices help to save countless lives each year. Home smoke detectors now come in a range of styles and with different functions, so there’s a lot more to these life-saving devices than there used to be. Whether you want a wireless, wired, ionisation or photoelectric smoke detector, this is an investment that your home and family shouldn’t be without.

Ionisation and Photoelectric

There are two main types of smoke alarms available today: ionisation and photoelectric. The difference between each mode is they are each better at detecting certain types of fires more accurately than the next. Ionisation alarms are good for fast-flaming fires that occur quickly and photoelectric are best at detecting smouldering and smoky fires. Because fires can be unpredictable and cause different reactions, depending on their source, there is the option to get a combination smoke detector that can pick up both.

Wired Smoke Alarms

If you want your smoke alarm connected to your house, a wired smoke alarm is ideal. These can connect with all other alarms in your home through the power mains and will sound regardless of where the fire is in the home. A wired home smoke detector doesn’t require a battery to run, but they will need to be fitted by a licensed electrician.

Wireless Smoke Alarms

Wireless home smoke detectors are the most common type for home safety, as they’re affordable to buy and easy to install. A wireless smoke alarm operates independently of others and will sound off wherever there is a fire. These are battery operated and can be easily replaced when required, with most batteries lasting a minimum of 10 years.

Additional Features

For even better protection around the home, you’re able to purchase home smoke detectors with additional safety features. Some smoke alarms come with Carbon Monoxide sensors which can alert you to a leak, an escape light which improves vision at night time and heat alarms which are useful for separating real fires from the cooking fumes which commonly set them off.

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