Home Storage Bins and Baskets

The key to home organisation is storage. When items have a particular place, they aren't left lying around making your home look messy and cluttered. Beautiful baskets blend seamlessly into most decor and are perfect for keeping smaller items from getting lost.

Plastic in the Kitchen

Often, the kitchen is the first place you run out of space. Add a slim, slide-out storage tower on wheels, and give yourself more room to store cleaning supplies or nonperishable food. Another option is to add a plastic home storage basket or bin on the counter to hold fruits and vegetables.

Wicker in the Living Room

Wicker home storage bins and baskets in your living room do not only look good but are also functional. Larger baskets are ideal next to the sofa to hold magazines and books, while smaller ones are a perfect place to store your TV remote.

Metal in the Bathroom

Keep your towels close by folding and storing them in a basket in the bathroom. Hang a couple bins on the wall next to the sink to hold your toothpaste, hair accessories, or anything else you might need. A long one on the back of the toilet is a stylish way to store extra toilet paper. Let's not forget about that mess accumulating under the sink; a bin with shelves allows you to organise to make your life better.

Fabric in the Bedroom

Make your bedroom feel more like a five-star hotel by adding a few decorative bins or baskets. One on the nightstand to hold your mobile phone, one on the dresser to hold your jewellery, and perhaps a large one in the corner for dirty laundry. Another option is to arrange several baskets on a wall and let it be wall art.