Home Wi-Fi Boosters, Extenders & Antennas

Home Wi-Fi Boosters, Extenders, and Antennas

Get the most out of your wireless coverage with a Wi-Fi extender, which is designed to help bring dead zones to life. Because of the interference of metal appliances and architectural designs in the average home or office space, even the most powerful Wi-Fi routers can fail to access some spots. A Wi-Fi booster is an affordable way to extend your coverage, rather than forking out for a new router.

How Do Wi-Fi Extenders Work?

Wi-Fi range extenders and boosters receive the wireless signals from your router and repeat them using powerful amplifiers and antennas. This can increase your home network coverage by up to twice the range, making them ideal for large homes or those who want to stretch their Wi-Fi signal to the bottom of the garden.

Installing Your Wi-Fi Extender

A Wi-Fi extender is easy to install and its best placed halfway between your router and the dead zone. This will help to direct the signal to the area in which youre having trouble. For the optimal performance in your home or office space, try to at least match the Wi-Fi speed of your extender with that of the existing router.

Desktop or Wall Designs

When purchasing a Wi-Fi extender, you can select from two different options—a desktop design that can be placed on a surface or one that plugs directly into the wall. Wall plugs are ideal if you want your extender to be unobtrusive and wire-free, while desktop extenders are convenient for those looking to access Ethernet ports to connect other wired devices.

Boost Your Connectivity

Wi-Fi repeaters, extenders, and boosters can be used to give any wired network port device outstanding connectivity. All you have to do is connect an Ethernet cable to your smart TV or game console and youll enjoy the boosting benefits and fastest Wi-Fi speeds available.