Honda Industrial Generators

Honda Industrial Generators

Without industrial generators, many worksites across Australia would come to a standstill. Whether they are charging up power tools on construction sites, providing electricity to temporary infrastructure or just acting as a backup power source for hospitals and office buildings, industrial generators play a huge part.

Why Buy An Industrial Generator?

The huge benefits of buying a Honda industrial generator can be seen in their portability and endurance. In case of a power outage, an industrial generator can have your home or business back up and running in minutes, with the ability to provide power for hours on end. Travelling across country with the family? An industrial generator can allow you to charge up your phones, heat the hot water and watch TV.

Petrol Vs Diesel

There is a great range of Honda gasoline industrial generators which run off petrol, but they are also available in a diesel version. Diesel generators will typically be more fuel efficient but they also emit more CO2 and other noxious gases than a petrol model, so you need to make sure you use it in a well ventilated area. Petrol generators are available in a greater range since they have been in operation longer.

Silent Generators

If youre trying to run a TV, listen to the radio or even get some work done on a computer then the last thing you want is the incessant droning that is common to many industrial generators. Enter the range of Honda silent generators, which at an average sound level of 53-59 decibels makes them as quiet to run as a standard kitchen fridge! The Honda silent generators are also more eco-friendly with lower emission levels, and the four-stroke engine is more fuel efficient than the standard two-stroke generators.