Honda Luggage

Honda Motorcycle Luggage

Its easy to stow and go with Honda motorcycle luggage. When youre riding and you need to take your essentials with you, motorcycle bags are both a functional and a stylish option. These pieces are meant to mount on your cycle and streamline your bike so that your bags dont get in the way. Motorcycle luggage comes in many types and designs, allowing you to choose the bags that are right for you.

What Are the Types of Honda Motorcycle Luggage?

Motorcycle luggage for a Honda is divided into several types. Typically, the type of luggage you choose determines where your luggage sits on your bike. For instance, smaller saddlebags can go either on the sides of your bike or on the rear, while a larger motorcycle trunk can mount on the back of your bike via a luggage rack. Small side bags that attach to the side of your cycle, called paniers, may not hold as much as an oversized backrest bag does, but theyre convenient when you just need a few things to take with you. There are also backpack designs that offer versatility.

What Are Some Features of Honda Motorcycle Luggage?

Like traditional luggage, Honda motorcycle luggage has a variety of features that make each piece stand out. Some larger bags, like trunk bags, offer oversized storage options that even include room for your helmet when youre not riding. Some hardtop luggage boxes, also called top boxes, are lockable, ensuring that your belongings are secure, and some models are even scratch- and shock-resistant. A lined interior protects the contents of your bag, and when youre ready to grab your stuff, bags with adjustable straps provide a custom fit. If your trip takes you through rainy weather, load up a water-resistant bag to keep your necessities dry. You can purchase a matching set of bags, which may include saddlebags as well as a trunk that go together for a polished look.

What Materials Make Up Honda Motorcycle Luggage?

Luggage pieces, including backpacks and saddlebags, are crafted from a multitude of materials to ensure stability as well as protection. Some materials to consider include leather, which is durable and long-lasting; nylon, which is a lightweight fabric; and carbon fibre PVC, which is used to craft hardtop bags that are lockable. Some waterproof designs are crafted with a blend of nylon as well as thermoplastic polyurethane, and some hard trunk cases feature aluminium materials that both accent and protect luggage.