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Honda Pressure Washers

Driveway plagued by mould or stubborn and unsightly stains? Patio covered in pre-historic bird poop? Perhaps your exterior walls are coated in grime and dirt and the old garden hose just wont shake it. Or maybe your workshop is the accidental dumping ground for every chemical short of toxic waste!

Find an easy, powerful and reliable cleaning solution in the form of a petrol-powered Honda pressure washer . eBay has a range of portable Honda pressure cleaners that will make short work of those hard to clean places.

Utilising extremely high pressure, powerful jets of water escape the lance nozzle to cut through the tough surface of unwanted matter, freeing it from the rigid surface it is stuck to. Some pressure washers offer a variety of spray patterns, adjustable pressures, attachments and hose lengths, able to access hard to reach places and giving you fast coverage of large areas. Some allow you to mix detergents with their water to aid cleaning. Pressure washers are used by professionals in many applications, including farmers, industrial cleaners, graffiti removalists, mining and marine.

Petrol-powered washers offer significant advantages over their electric counterparts, usually producing much higher water pressures and offering greater portability because you dont need access to an electrical outlet. Some models will draw their water from a standard garden hose connection, whilst others utilise self-contained water tanks for even more portability and cleaning on the run. Often fitted with pneumatic tyres, petrol-powered washers can be wheeled around so they dont hurt your back.

Honda small engines are known the world over for their power and reliability, and besides appearing in Hondas own range of petrol-powered outdoor equipment , are the choice of motor for many other equipment manufacturers, such as those found on eBay.

Available in many sizes and to suit a variety of budgets, from DIY outdoor cleaning to commercial heavy duty applications and professional environments, on eBay you are sure to find a Honda pressure washer to suit your needs.