Honda XR600 for sale: Parts and more

Think of an off-road bike and chances are you pictured a Honda XR600. This unassuming bike defined off-roading and dirt bike racing for a generation. Notable for its high performance and higher speeds, the XR600 is a bike to remember.

It can be hard to find the Honda XR600 for sale, but you can get lucky and find it as well as many Honda XR600 parts on eBay.

About the Honda XR600

The Honda XR600 is an iconic offroad bike which has become something of a cult favourite. Made between 1985 and 2000, this motorbike has an air-cooled single cylinder, four stroke engine. In this time a few refinements were made, from shedding extra body weight to adding a rear disc brake and improving suspension. All these additions helped to cement the Honda XR600 as a winning offroad bike.

Honda XR600 parts

Since the Honda XR600 has been out of production for over 20 years now, finding parts is getting harder and harder. This means that replacing damaged parts and repairing your Honda XR600 can be a difficult task. On eBay you can find genuine Honda XR600 parts, as well as compatible aftermarket parts.

Shop Honda XR600 and other motorcycle parts, including fairing, wheels and handlebars.