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Ornamental horse collectables

Horse collectables that are 1st edition include the colourful and highly decorated Trail of the Painted Ponies Viva Las Vegas. The resin ornamental horse collectables are presented on a stand for easy centrepiece display. Other lavish, and extravagant designs of animal collectables are also available.

Vintage cast metal horse collectables are available with wooden stands, and glass dishes that can be used as an ashtray or trinket collector. The stylised ornaments boast classic 1950s design style. Elegantly sculpted horse collectables are available in matching pairs. The white glazed porcelain ornamental horses are displayed in a reared up pose. Display together, or individually to add to your interior decoration.

Jade Arab sculpture horse collectables typically show off the horse's head. The polished stone sculptures are displayed on a circular base. Whilst hand-painted Dala horse collectables are traditional designs that originate from Scandinavia. The sculptured wooden horse collectables are painted, and embellished with folk art motifs. Unfinished Dala horse collectables are also available.

Horse collectables for child's play

Horse collectable toys let your kids explore their imagination. The horse riding arena set is a collection of hand-painted pieces that are perfect for pretend play. The equestrian horse club features a horse and rider, horse jumps, hay bales, and accessories. Additional accessories to expand the horse club are also available.

Stablemates toy bundle assortments typically contain a selection of horse collectables for play. The trucker trailer set is made from durable plastic, and is supplied with a stable, and usually a shadow box of 10 horses. Bulk Schleich horse collectables featuring retired models are available in a variety of pack sizes.

Individual horse collectables are made from sturdy and durable resin that are highly detailed replicas of the real thing. Some toy horse figurine collectables are embellished with a leather look halter with lead, and chain. For the horse mad, there is bound to be a collectable you'll fall in love with, on eBay.