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Horse supplements for optimal health and performance

When there's plenty of grass around, it is nearly impossible to provide your beloved equid with a perfectly nutritious diet. Extreme weather seasons, high performance, and ageing equids means that nutritional demands are even harder to meet. A horse's diet has a huge influence on their ability to maintain their weight, recover from work, fight off infections, and more. Fortunately, it is very easy to fill the gaps in your horse's diet by adding supplements with a small amount of chaff, or to their normal horse feed.

Healthy feet is a great place to start

With Australia's ability to provide intense heat, alternated with wet periods, you may find that your equid's feet can easily crack. Prevent dryness and cracking, and ultimately, infections, by regularly applying Farriers Formula Double Strength. This can be added as a top dressing to normal feed or fed separately. Farriers Formula provides the nutrients required for the speedy growth of the hoof wall and sole.

The World's Best Hoof Oil is an excellent topical application, providing natural oils that are quickly absorbed, and are available in a range of bottle volumes, from 250 mL to 4 L.

For the hard workers

You will know better than anyone, how much sweat your performance horses produces from a showjumping lesson or a long hack in the sun. Your horse will quietly thank you when you provide electrolytes to replace the sweat lost during a heavy session. Kelatolyte Advanced is a fantastic option for preventing dehydration and the related lethargy and poor performance.

Supporting general health

You can find a huge range of equine products with impressive nutritional profiles that support digestive health, muscle growth, and more. For example, the Equilibrium Mineral Mix constitutes of essential vitamin minerals, including calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, zinc, folic acid, and Vitamin A, B1, and E. With just a bit of consistency, your horse or pony will quickly reap the benefits and you will notice a brilliant shine in his or her coat.

In addition to equine nutrition products, you can also find wormers, salt licks, antifungal creams, and horse riding equipment.

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