Horse wear for comfort and protection

Horse wear has come a long way since the days where you would simply throw a blanket over your horse on the odd cold night. These days, you can find a wide range of specialist horse wear products right here on eBay to ensure your beloved equid is always comfortable.

Blankets and coats

Coats serve many different purposes, from keeping your four-legged friend warm on cold nights, to keeping the flies off during warm weather. Specialist shoulder guards and bibs stop covers from rubbing to keep your horse's coat in top condition. Horse hoods and neck covers are used to keep your horse clean ahead of competition and to protect those beautiful mane plaits you have spent so long creating.

Fly guards

Fly protection is most important around the head and especially the eyes. Irritation from flies can easily cause infection and lead to some very uncomfortable problems, and some expensive vet bills for you. Fly guards and fly hoods are an inexpensive way to keep the flies away, while still allowing a good level of visibility.

Tail bags

Just like shoulder guards and bibs, tail bags keep your horse show-ready once it has been prepared, keeping the tail clean and in great condition, especially when it has been braided for a big event.

Hoof boots and bandages

The hooves and shins, i.e. cannon bones, are some of the most vulnerable areas, so it is worth investing in the right protection to keep your horse safe and protect yourself from a huge vet bill or worse. Hoof boots and tendon or jumping boots can make a big difference to your horse's safety, as can professional bandages and binding around the shin and lower leg. When injuries have occurred, specialist equine ice boots can be applied to reduce swelling and speed recovery.

Nose to tail

Whatever horse riding equipment you need for your horse, from nose to tail, hooves to ears, you'll find it right here on eBay.