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Want the best design in archery equipment? Look no further. It began with a dream and a simple desire - to create the best bowhunting and target archery. It started with the passion of Earl Hoyt. Sr. and the creation of the Hoyt brand in 1931. Simple draw knives and wooden billets were the tools of the trade, but through all the years and all the advancements, three things have always been synonymous with Hoyt - quality craftsmanship, innovative designs and passionate employees. 

Since the sport of archery's return to the Olympics in 1972, where Hoyt bows won both men's and women's gold and ignited Hoyt's dominance on the global stage, more medals have been won with Hoyt bows than all other bow manufacturers combined. Today Hoyt is a world premier bowmaker for serious bowhunters and archers. No gimmicks. No shortcuts. Simply the best they know how to make. Come and see for yourself. 

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