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Huggies nappies designed to protect your little one

Huggies nappies are a trusted and well-known brand name. They are relied on by families all around the world and protecting little ones of all shapes and sizes; from newborn to crawler, and on to toddler and infant. Whatever stage you and your baby are at, Huggies have a nappy range that will keep you both happy, dry and comfortable.

Disposable Huggies nappies

Huggies newborn disposable nappies are unisex and have a patented wetness indicator, which changes colour when wet to make it super easy for parents to know when a change is required. They also have a waistband pocket, which gives extra protection against loose bowel movements, helping to prevent nappy rash.

Moving up through the age ranges, Huggies nappies are designed for boys or for girls; as well as being coloured differently and decorated with popular characters, the absorbent padding is in different places for each gender, giving optimal absorbency and efficiency.

The disposable range also includes Huggies Little Swimmers to avoid embarrassment in the pool; nappy-pants for crawlers and toddlers, which are quick and easy to change for little ones on the move, and DryNites, to take the worry out of night-time continence for older children.

Huggies toilet training pull-ups

Pull-ups are gender specific and provide absorbency in the right places for little boys and girls who are on the move. These are specifically designed to make the transition from nappies to undies with easy, helping your toddler to practice pulling them up and down, just like pants. They also help in beginning to recognise the difference between wet and dry, by briefly allowing a wet sensation following little accidents.

Huggies baby wet wipes

Just like the carefully designed nappies, Huggies baby wipes come in a range to suit all ages and stages, alongside coming in different pack sizes. Fragrance-free sensitive wipes are gentle on newborn skin, alcohol-free wipes leave nothing on the skin that could cause irritation, whilst scented wipes offer a pleasant fragrance and gentle care for slightly older babies.