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Hunting Spotlights

Selecting Hunting Lights

When hunting in the dark, having some kind of light source is essential, as it allows the hunter to spot animals, and to see where he is going while avoiding dangerous obstacles. There are various types of hunting lights available, each designed for different types of weapons and different hunting styles. When it comes to hunting lights, many hunters opt for a handheld light. A handheld light should be light enough to carry, durable enough to last through the night, and weatherproof, to stand up to any conditions. Handheld lights can feature a red light, which tends not to frighten animals as much as white lights, and a green light for reading maps.

However, the handheld light can have its disadvantages. If the hunter is using a two-handed weapon, such as a rifle, he will have to drop the light to aim the weapon. This is not so much a problem when using a one-handed weapon, but it can be a matter of personal choice. An alternative to the handheld light is the gun mounted light. This type of light fixes to the top or bottom of the gun, leaving the hunter’s hands free to shoot with the aid of the light on the gun. Lastly, there is the hat light. Fixed to the hunter’s hat, this option again provides a hands-free alternative to the handheld light.

Buying Hunting Spotlights

Offering more power and greater brightness than a smaller handheld, hat or gun mounted light, a hunting spotlight is often a popular choice. While some hunters use these spotlights to ‘trap’ the animals in their brightness, it can also have the opposite effect, scaring the animals away. As with any other type of light, when buying a hunting spotlight, compare brightness, durability and weather proofing – a process that is made that much easier when checking out the range on eBay! Take a look a eBays range of essential hunting gear to find everything from hunting binoculars and hunting range finders, to hunting lights and spotlights, from the biggest names in the business.

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