Hunting Throwing Knife Sets

Throwing Knife Sets

While there are plenty of hunting knives that can be used when in the outdoors hunting, only certain types of hunting knife are designed to be thrown. As fun as it may be to throw knives, it’s best to do so in a safe manner, taking into account local hunting and weapon laws.

Deliberate Knife Design

Perhaps more so than any other ordinary hunting knife, the make and shape of a throwing knife is vital to its effectiveness. As a thrown projectile, throwing knives require specific balancing and weight to ensure their accuracy and hit the desired target. Some hunting knife set models feature a specially designed ring at the end to provide extra balance.

Targeted Throwing Accuracy

Considering that they’re going to be thrown, having a good grip on a hunting knife is vital for both safety and accuracy. Many hunting knife set models feature a corded handle to provide better gripping on the knife. Hunting scopes, optics and lasers are also designed to enhance the accuracy of any thrown hunting knife.

Knife Sheath

One of the most important parts of owning a hunting knife set is the safe manner in which you store it. Typically, when you purchase a hunting knife it comes with a nylon sheath, both protecting you from accidental cuts and protecting the blade from damage. Other means for carrying and transporting hunting knives include hunting holsters, belts and pouches.

Competitive Throwing Knives

Although originally used solely for hunting, throwing knives are now also often used in competitive tournaments and competitions. A competitive hunting knife set puts emphasis on durability and reuse, considering how much reuse they may see during regular competitions. As sporting equipment, there is less emphasis on impact and so competitive throwing knives are also generally lighter and thinner.