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Hydraulic Punch Equipment Machinery

Hydraulic punch equipment is a type of heavy machinery that involves controlling various valves to produce a specific action. You operate these machines with a one-stroke system, causing the ram to go up and down. Controlled feedback systems operate the ram within certain parameters. This results in greater controls and increased punching rates. These machines usually have either a C type frame or a bridge type frame. The C type frame has the hydraulic ram at the top of the machine.

Metal Benders

Metal benders exactly what they sound like: machines that bend metal. Through this process, a sheet of metal goes through a feeder that bends the metal either in a V-shape, U-shape or channel shape, depending upon the type of machine. Metal benders can work alongside brake presses and other specialised machine presses as well as box and pan folders. There are three basic types of metal benders, including air bending, bottoming and coining. Each of these types of benders is dependent upon the type and thickness of material they bend. Air bending forms metals by pressing it into a punch or die that is on top and typically uses smaller sized tools to perform the bending. Bottoming forces the metal by bending it into the die that you place on the bottom, and coining pushes the metal into the bottom die but creates permanent alterations to the metal sheet.

Sheet Metal Folder

A brake is an industrial metalworking machine that helps to bend the sheet metal. In Britain, you call it a sheet metal folder. It consists of a flat surface where you place the metal, with a bar that clamps down to hold the metal when bending. The clamping mechanism of a sheet metal folder can either be manual, automatic or operated using a foot pedal. Sheet metal folders come in a variety of sizes from smaller hand operated folders that work primarily with aluminium and brass up to larger hydraulically operated folders that are utilised to bend large sheets of metal for industrial purposes.

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