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Hydraulic Control Valve Hydraulics

A hydraulic control valve directs the flow of a liquid through a hydraulic system. Solid working valves are key to a properly running hydraulic system. It extremely important to have the right size and type of valve on your system so that it can ensure maximum flow and pressure. Every type of valve works to serve a different purpose throughout a hydraulic system. There are three specific types of hydraulic control valves that have various types of mounting styles, including directional control valves, pressure control valves and flow control valves. A directional control valve passses the flow of a liquid in a specific direction. Pressure control valves switch on at a certain pressure when it reaches that pressure. Flow control valves regulate the flow throughout the system.

Hydraulic Power Pack

Hydraulic power packs are large individual units that have a reservoir to house fluid, valves to regulate the amount of pressure pumped through the pack, pressure supply lines, a pump and a motor to power the pump. These packs offer a choice of valve connections, which allow you to use these packs with a variety of machines. You must perform regular maintenance on these packs to ensure safety and usefulness. Service checks can include checking the tubing for dents, cracks or other issues, switching out the hydraulic fluid and checking the reservoir for rust or corrosion.

Hydraulic Motor

A hydraulic motor is a mechanical device that converts hydraulic pressure into a continuous movement that powers the motor. This type of motor can be interchangeable with a hydraulic pump. Furthermore, a hydraulic motor works by pumping pressure throughout both sides of the motor. Some types of hydraulic motors include gear and vane motors, gerotor motors, axial plunger motors and radial piston motors. Gear and vane motors appear on simple rotating systems. They have a high rpm with a low cost. Axial plunger motors usually come on high quality rotating motors with a very low speed.

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