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Hydroponic Tents, Tarps and Shelves

Hydroponics is gardening without soil. Instead, the plants feed on a mineral nutrient solution. Its a great way to garden if you lack the outdoor space or want to have one indoors. In this ecosystem, you can control the weather, and it is therefore possible to grow plants all year round and get more harvests than in a regular garden. If you do not have too much spare space or want to create several different environments inside one room, you can vastly benefit from using hydroponic tents, tarps and shelves.

Hydroponic Grow Tents

Setting up a hydroponic tent allows you to have complete control over the growth environment, as you can adjust all the equipment that you put inside. A growing tent is a good solution if you have a small space for setting up your garden. You can put the tent in the corner of the room and do not have to rebuild the entire place. When moving, taking the tent and the rest of the system with you is easy. Tents also help you to seal the odours inside, so you or your neighbour would not smell them.

Hydroponic Tarps

Tarp, or tarpaulin, is a waterproof material, canvas or polyester covered with tar, wax or paint. By purchasing hydroponic tarp, you can create your own hydroponic tent of any size and shape. You can also find special tarp zippers that you need to glue onto the canvas, which you can then readily use to enter and exit your tent.

Hydroponic Shelves

Hydroponic plant shelves allow you to organise the growing space. You can stack multiple shelves on top of each other and place growing lights between them and thus grow more plants in a vertical setup. Some shelves are fairly simple and you can attach the rest of the system onto them. You could even use conventional shelves and build the system around them if you are a DIY enthusiast. Some feature containers and drainage systems, so you just need to plant the seeds and add the mineral solution without having to install anything separately.

Indoor and Outdoor Systems

With indoor hydroponic tents, tarps and shelves, you can set up your garden inside the garage or any other room in the house. However, you might even want to consider creating a controlled hydroponic growing environment outdoors, especially if you do not have extra space indoors. Special outdoor hydroponic tents, tarps and shelves are more durable and can tackle any weather. These are perfect if you want to have a garden outside but cannot rely on the weather.

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