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IEC Power Connector Cables

IEC computer cables and connectors link up computers, audio gear, TVs and other devices to the mains power supply. They meet standards the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) sets. You can get IEC connectors, extensions and plugs to suit almost any configuration of devices. For example, there are flat or angled plug shapes to fit cramped situations behind TVs or entertainment centres. Also available are Y-splitters with one male end 3 female ends that can run 3 devices. Double headers have both a male plug and female socket in one unit. IEC computer parts and accessories have 3 vertical pins or slots that are a parallel to each other, arranged in a triangle. Their code numbers indicate what you can use them for. For example, the IEC-60320 series is for computer and audio gear only. This series further classifies itself according to the temperature rating and other factors of the devices you're connecting. C1 to C14 (2 conductors) and C17 to C 20 (3 conductors) can only be used with devices that stay below 70 degrees Celsius. C15 and C16 (3 conductors) are for maximum 120 degrees. This one is a "hot" or "kettle connector" due to its hot rating. C15A and C16A (3 conductors) rate to 155 degrees, as do C21 and C22 (3 conductors). As the C numbers get bigger, so do the current ratings in Amperes. Australian mains electricity is 220-240 Volts and 10 or 16 Amps. However, you can get adaptors for products from other countries. Sometimes they are "universal." Before you buy, do have a good look at the specifications in relation to the equipment with which you want to use the IEC computer cables and connectors. The C numbers also refer to male and female plugs that match each other.

IEC Kettle Female Power Connector Cables

Female IEC kettle power cables and connectors are the ones with the 3 slots. All female IEC connectors are coded C and an odd number. If you add 1 to give an even number, it specifies which male plug matches that female connector. For example, C15 is the kettle female and its male is C16. This math equation applies to every male-female pair.

IEC Kettle Male Power Connector Cables

When you see computer parts and accessories with three protruding pins, they are the Male IEC kettle cables and connectors. They will have a C and then an even number, such as the C16 male 'kettle' hot connector. Subtract 1 from its number to get the matching female number, C15.

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