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Relax in modern comfort in an IKEA armchair

IKEA armchairs are the perfect addition to any home, with various styles available to suit any type of interior design.

Wing Chairs

Designed to keep drafts out, and to shield you from the direct heat of an open fire, wing chairs make a stylish addition to your living room. These stylish chairs still stand for luxury in a competitive market. IKEA is no stranger to this design with its Strandmon collection in a variety of striking colours, and some more neutral to fit in with any decor. A chair of grand stature that could fit into many different rooms. They look cracking and are extremely comfortable in an office, bedroom, or living room

Practical and Comfortable

POANG is a range that IKEA has been manufacturing for forty years, both stylish and comfortable they are very popular with nursing mothers. The design of this IKEA chair allows a gentle rocking motion, ideal for settling your little one down for the evening. They come with zip off removable covers so no need to worry about those little spills or messy accidents.

IKEA recliners are ideal for those who have difficulty getting in and out of their chair. The ability to raise your feet on the footrest is ideal for those who may need to keep circulation flowing and foot swelling down. Many can be found in soft, hard wearing, easy care leather.


If youre looking for a nice conservatory armchair, and dont want anything too clumpy, IKEA do a ripper rattan chair. The rattan used is a renewable material that, should your chair become past its best, it is possible to separate for recycling. Maybe you could picture yourself relaxing in a birch rocking chair. Rock away the cares of the day without compromising on style.

If your IKEA armchair needs updating you can buy replacement covers here on eBay, eliminating the need to buy a new chair.