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Ice Hockey Equipment

Ice Hockey Equipment

With ice hockey for sport, players wear skates designed for ice. Skaters tend to glide on ice at a very high speed while holding hockey sticks, trying to either push, shoot or pass the puck (rubber disk) around. Some act as goaltenders who try to block the shots from getting into the net. This kind of sport needs needful and reliable ice hockey equipment and gear for utmost safety. Professional players and even simple hobbyists ought to be willing to make an investment in basic hockey equipment and gear for their own sakes.

Ice Hockey Skates

For hockey, you definitely need a good pair of ice skates. It is a must; you need them to be able to provide stability and safety as you glide and perform on the ice. For choices, you may check out Vapor X900 Skates. The design is 3D-lasted Curv composite upper with a LOCK-FIT+ system for a secure grip on your feet. The outsole is stiff and composite for stability throughout the game. You may also try a handsome pair of Vapor X500. You get a reinforced Trueform PU and a one-piece injected heel and ankle core for good support during the entire game.

Ice Hockey Helmets

It is also important to strap on reliable ice hockey equipment helmets. As falls and bumps will be a natural occurrence, you have to make sure that you avoid hazardous head shocks and injuries during play. A good helmet provides a most secure fit without sacrificing mobility and good vision. For options, you may check out the Bauer H5001 ice hockey helmet. You get triple-density liners to reduce impact upon contact. The ear covers are ergo translucent and you have floating pro ear loops. There are sufficient ventilation ports. It is easy to strap in and adjust according to personal fittings. This head safety gear is available in navy, white, blue, black and red colours.

Ice Hockey Shoulder, Elbow and Shin Pads

It is equally important to have body protection and support. These greatly reduce the impact of physical contact with other players and with the ice. Strapping on the right shoulder, elbow and shin pads will prevent you from getting injuries like fractures and broken bones, most of which you can readily avoid through protective gear. You may browse options from Easton for your various body protection needs.