Ice Skates

Ice skates for leisurely and competitive skaters

Whether its just a couple of times a year during a cold snap, or you are regularly down at your local ice rink, theres nothing quite like the smooth speed and freedom that comes with ice skating. Here you can find the best skates and other ice skating equipment for your endeavours on the ice.

All kinds of skating

You can find ice skates for all kinds of skating on eBay, from recreational skating at the rink with your mates, to figure skating in competitions. Plus theres a great range of ice hockey skates available too.

Choosing the right skates

For general skating, either standard or hockey skates will do the job, as both support your ankles well. You can also buy hybrid skates that combine the best of both. However, the more specialist you get, the more carefully you need to choose your skates. Skates are often described as beginner, intermediate, or advanced, so you can choose the right skate for your level.

Figure skating boots

Make sure your performance matches your stunning ice skating clothing. Figure skating boots are usually made of leather, and have long, straight blades that come with toe picks. This allows you to push off, change direction and stop precisely, so you can attempt jumps and figures.

Ice hockey boots

Ice hockey skates, on the other hand, are usually made with a tough outer shell and have shorter, more curved blades. These are designed for speed and rapid acceleration in short bursts as required in the game, but they wont perform as well over long distances. Ice hockey skates are designed to be stronger and better protected for the cut and thrust of the fast-moving game.

Choosing the right fit

When you loosen the laces or buckles of your ice skates and push your foot forward, there should be enough room to slide one finger in the back of your skate. Any less and they will be too tight and rub, any more and they will be too loose and will not support your ankle correctly.

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