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MP3 Player Headphones and Earbuds

It's easy to enjoy your music on the go or without disturbing others when you use MP3 player headphones or earbuds. There is a wide variety of headphones to select from depending on your personal preferences, whether you enjoy the convenience of wireless headphones or the full coverage of more traditional, wired designs.


When it comes to design, there is an array of options to consider. Ear-hook earbuds have a small, curved hook that hangs on your ear so your headphones stay securely in place, which works well for active listeners. Another option is headband headphones, which are connected to a band that fits over your head, and you can even opt for an adjustable pair for a customised fit. In-ear buds are the smallest and most unobtrusive type and fit comfortably inside your ear, making them perfect for listening on the go.


Brands vary depending on your budget, earbud design and style you prefer. Some well-known brands to consider include Beats by Dr. Dre, which offer premium sound and construction, making Beats headphones a popular choice. Bose headphones offer a myriad of design options that include additional features, and well-known brands like Sennheiser, JVC and Sony give you other choices when it comes to wireless earbuds, in addition to wired versions.


A good pair of headphones provides clarity and superior sound quality. Some models offer a variety of additional features to further enhance your experience, including noise-cancelling features, super bass options and earbuds of various sizes for a more personalised fit. Active listeners may desire a set that also features a heart-rate monitor, while headphones that include a remote microphone allow you to take calls seamlessly while you enjoy your tunes.


When it comes to connectivity, headphones and earbuds fall into two camps: wireless and wired. Wireless headphones connect to your MP3 player or smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to avoid the hassle of cords and plugs for a freeing feeling. Wired headphones require you to plug your pair into your device for listening purposes, providing a more traditional experience. Both options provide the same type of sound quality, but wireless designs may be the best choice for purposes of convenience.

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