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Inclinometer Inspection and Measurement Tools

Inclinometers are an inspection and measurement tool which provide a uniform standard of measurement. They are available in both digital and analogue form and measure angles of slope and elevation. There are generally two types of inclinometers available on the market: ones that rely on a gravity actuated pendulum and others that utilise a spirit vial and air bubble. Inclinometer readings can be shown in degree or percentages often on an easy-to-read LCD display.

Electronic inclinometers

Electronic inclinometers offer amazingly accurate results. They feature an internal gyroscope that measures the direction of the pull of gravity. The angle between the gyroscope and the object of measurement is displayed on the electronic monitor often with reversible reading capabilities. Electronic inclinometers make digital angle gauge inspection and measurement relatively simple and precise. Many of the inclinometer inspection measurement tools have a magnetic base to stick to the surface that needs to be measured.


Inclinometers are popular as a form of metalworking inspection and measurement equipment where accuracy is important. They are key to measuring tolerance and quality control and are a necessary part of your toolkit and industrial metalworking supplies.

Other Applications

Not only can they be used as an industrial metalworking inspection measurement tool, scientists and engineers also use them to measure things like subsurface deformations. They are often used by homeowners and tradies for weekend DIY projects such as installing shelves, measuring the angle of roof beams and levelling tiles in place of a traditional spirit level and work well for mitre and table saws.


Inclinometers act as a digital protractor and have gotten much smaller and more portable over the years as technology has grown. Many multi-functional models are extremely lightweight and can be carried around in a toolbox or in a pocket to measure both absolute and relative measurement modes. Many have their own carrying pouch and some of the inclinometer brands can also be connected to a PC through a USB cable for storing data.

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