Night Lights

When you need just a little bit of light at night to be able to see, but don’t want to flood the room with light, a night light is a great idea. There are many different types to choose from. A standard, plug-in model may be perfect for your room, but you may want a projector night light (such as one that showcases an image) to delight your child in their room while they sleep. battery indoor night lights are also an option, negating the need for cords or plugs.

Traditional Plug-in

For many rooms in your home, a traditional, or indoor electric wall plug-in night light probably will work best. These tiny little lights do well to illuminate a good portion of a room, and these are ideal if you have to walk through a dark hallway at night or if you simply want a touch of light in your bedroom. These are also great ideas for the kitchen or for places where you may need to step as you reach for the wall plate.

Battery Operated

Battery indoor night lights are a great idea, especially for a young child’s or toddler’s room. This way, you never have to worry about them pulling out a plug in the middle of the night, and there’s no messy cord to trip over. Battery-powered night lights offer convenience, as you can also place them anywhere in the room. These type of night lights are often projector night lights as well, projecting stars, sheep, or other fun images on the wall or ceiling.

LED Night Lights

LED night lights are a good choice for a touch of light. These night lights have a lot of lasting power, working for a long time before needing a replacement bulb and they provide more ambient light by plugging into the wall. They usually glow a relaxing colour, such as green or blue, and are ideal for both adult and children’s bedrooms.

Other Options

If you simply need a touch of light in a room, the use of string lights is another good idea. Not just for Christmas or the winter holidays, a small strand of string lights provides a bit of light, and adds a bit of festive decor to your space.