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Indoor Hydroponic Tents, Tarps and Shelves

Hydroponics is a fast growing technology which, coupled with improvements in lighting technology, promises that one day we can all grow our own perfect vegetables indoors. The heart of these indoor set-ups is a grow tent, and this can vary greatly in size. From little grow boxes to entire shelves and fridge-sized tents, the choices allow you to optimally grow even the tallest shrubs indoors.

Grow Tent Size

Plan ahead what plants you intend to grow in your hydroponic tent before buying one. If you are a budding indoor gardener, try a small 60 by 40 by 60 cm grow box so you can get a feel for the hobby. A taller 160 cm tent is ideal for tall herbs and shrubs but can also accommodate a stacking pot set-up with leafy veggies like lettuce and bok choy. Experts tend to pick large 2.4 m grow tents to fit a number and variety of plants and provide them with optimum lighting and nutrition.

Grow Tent Material

An important characteristic you should look for in a grow tent, longevity is generally related to the materials used. Some are made with blackout canvas to block out all exterior lights while reflecting interior lights to achieve optimum coverage. In particular, Indoor drying nets are also available and are part of processing some of your plants. These vary in size and can hang inside your grow tent for faster drying. This additional grow tent gear lets you easily dry peppers, herbs and spices.

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