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Got one to sell?

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Stay illuminated with 6000 lumens and above camping and hiking head torches

Don’t get lost in the dark on your next camping or hiking trip. With a super bright 6000 lumens (and above) camping and hiking head torch, you can light not only your way, but the way of your buddies, too. Don’t let the sunset get in the way of experiencing the great outdoors, with a head torch your hands will be free to keep running, hiking, setting up camp, or working on that latest outdoor project, and thanks to the great range of 6000 lumens and above camping and hiking head torches available right here on eBay, you don’t even need to leave home to prep for your next trip.

Features to consider in a camping or hiking head torch

If you’re already looking at this page, then you’ve already answered the first consideration in selecting a head torch: how bright does it need to be? With a blinding 6000 lumens and above, you can be sure that you see everything you need. One thing to remember, however, is that the brighter the light, the less battery time you get to enjoy. So make sure it’s a trade off you’re willing to make. Note that LED lights provide the best amount of brightness, while drawing less power than traditional krypton or halogen bulbs. The battery life is typically measured in the total burn time, so look for a higher number. Consider the batteries being used in the head torch. Standard alkaline batteries, lithium ion, or lithium polymer are common choices. Rechargeable batteries are a handy feature to look for, if you’ll have access to a power station during your trip. Otherwise, packing spare batteries is a better choice for a trip involving total isolation. Consider the weight of the head torch with the batteries, you don’t want to get a sore neck or a headache while trying to enjoy your trip.

If you’d rather a camping and hiking head torch that gives a greater width of view and a longer battery life rather than brightness, don’t hesitate to check out the 1,499 lumens and below camping and hiking head torches. Whatever the 6000 lumens and above camping and hiking head torch to suit your needs, you’re sure to light up at the great range available here on eBay today.

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