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Got one to sell?

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Drill down for deals

Auger drill bits usually include a rotating helical screw blade called a ‘flighting' to efficiently move the drilled out material down, away from the surface where the business end of the drill can continue drilling. The rotation of the blade causes wood shavings to get out of the way fast so you don't get clogged as easily as other drill bits.

Auger for woodworking

With an auger drill bit, you can drill deep, neat holes in wood up to 600 mm. This means you can tackle most woodworking and furniture making tasks with a set of auger drill bits, plus get on with some construction and garden based woodworking, like drilling through decking, which is handy for all DIYers.

For precision drilling

An auger drill bit has sharp spurs on the edges of its tip that make the hole you drill smooth and uniform all the way through. If you get auger drill bits with guide screws, they don't require much downward pressure from you to bite into the wood and start cutting.

Choose single twist for simplicity

Single twist auger bits are the most efficient at getting rid of waste material and can bore deep holes without you having to withdraw your drill at any stage.

Dos and don'ts

Because auger drill bits are so precise and neat in action because of their angle and size, you must use them at a slower speed than the more common types of drill bit. Don't use them for drilling through anything other than wood, unless they are specialist augers like heavy machinery augers because they are easily damaged, again because of their angle, size and precise construction.

Augers vs brad points for wood

Auger drill bits are perfect for deep holes, or large diameter holes. Brad point bits are better suited to drilling shallower holes for dowels without coming through to the back of a piece of wood. They can also run at faster speeds. So make sure you pick the best tools for the job at hand on eBay.

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