Industrial Bedside Tables

Industrial Bedside Tables for a Steampunk Theme

When it comes to creating an industrial look in your bedroom, each piece of furniture matters and the right bedside table can ensure you achieve that industrial style. Industrial bedside tables offer a raw, urban and minimalist aesthetic to the interior of a bedroom through their honest materiality and edgy design.


Inspired by the elements of metal, wood, brick and concrete seen in industrial spaces such as factories and warehouses, industrial bedside tables can give a bedroom an edgy and urban touch. Clean lines and simple designs that celebrate the functional purpose of a piece of furniture are paramount to the industrial style.

Natural materials

In seeking an industrial style in your bedroom, a natural palette is key when selecting furniture. Bedside tables provide a great opportunity to set the style and tone for the bedroom. Designs made from wood and metal seamlessly complement almost any bedroom palette due to their inherent natural qualities. The industrial style often utilises reclaimed materials which can add a further dimension to your bedroom.


Industrial bedside tables offer many functional advantages, including space to store items such as lamps, photo frames, alarm clocks and books. For added storage, look for designs that feature drawers to store important personal items such as wallets, keys and documents.


It is important to always look out for good quality when searching for the right bedside table. Investing in an industrial bedside table that is sturdy and built to last will provide durability and longevity. This means the bedside table you choose will be reliable and long lasting; seeing you through many years.

Whatever shape or size you’re after, eBay has a wide range of industrial bedside tables for you to choose from. Explore the extensive range on offer to find the perfect industrial bedside table for your bedroom today.