Industrial Benches, Stools & Bar Stools

Industrial Bar Stools

Bar stools are useful, space-saving items of furniture most often found in a kitchen, dining room or home bar. Due to the rising popularity of dining counters, kitchen islands and breakfast bars, and the desire for a pared-down kitchen vibe, industrial bar stools are becoming more sought-after. However, for first timers, it is often difficult to know what to look out for when buying them. The following factors will help you make a better decision:

Industrial Bar Stool Height

As far as height goes, counter stools, classic bar stools and extra tall bar stools are the three sizes available. A common mistake inexperienced buyers make is buying bar stools that are either too short or too tall. Counter stools have a height that ranges between 24-26 inches which is perfect for standard counters and islands. Classic bar stools have a height of about 30 inches and are suitable for standard bars. Extra tall bar stools are the tallest, at of 34-36 inches, and are perfect for surfaces that are 48 inches or more from the floor.

Industrial Bar Stool Style

Generally, four styles of bar stool exist; backless stools, bar stools with back support; bar stools with arm rests, swivel stools and upholstered stools. As their name suggest, backless stools have no back support; this is a common style among industrial stools, but, often, comfort is sacrificed; however, they can be stacked, saving space. Stools with a back support are naturally more comfortable. Many retro industrial versions exist. Swivel stools are convenient for working in a kitchen corner. Upholstered industrial stools are less commonly found. Comfort-wise, they make the best industrial kitchen bar stools.

Industrial Bar Stool Space and Material

The perfect industrial stool should provide enough space when seated with regards to leg room and personal space. The last thing you want is to elbow your neighbour while eating. The kind of material used to make the bar stool will determine its finish and look. Metal and wood are the most commonly used materials, with plastic a close runner-up. Metals stools, such as stainless steel industrial stools, can be moulded to any design.