Industrial capacitors for all workplace needs

The industrial capacitor is an important electrical component that is used in a huge range of applications. There is a capacitor to suit your needs here on eBay. To be able to select the correct capacitor solution for your field, you first need to determine which type of capacitor it is you need.

The different types of capacitor

Capacitors work in pretty much the same way regardless of their type, but with subtle differences. For example, the Ceramic capacitor is a type which is used in many applications including audio and RF signals. Another example is the electrolytic capacitor. This type of capacitor is polarised, and offers higher capacitance values and is widely used for low-frequency applications such as electrical supplies and audio coupling and decoupling applications. Polyester film capacitors are used where cost is a consideration. This type of capacitor has a tolerance of around five or ten percent more than is needed for most users but may not offer the same long-term lifespan.

If you are looking for a higher tolerance type of capacitor, then look at the listings for a Polypropylene capacitor. It is used where polyester capacitors cannot manage the higher voltage. This capacitor is constructed using, as the name suggests, a polypropylene film for the dielectric. One advantage of this type is that there is very minimal variation of capacitance with time and voltage applied. When it comes to low frequencies, this capacitor comes in handy, with around 100 kHz being the maximum limit.

Get the capacitors you need

Whether it is needed for a ceiling fan, AC unit or a motor start capacitor, you can be sure to find the right industrial capacitor on eBay suited to your requirements and business needs. Complete your DIY or industrial project with ease and convenience, knowing you can find the right products for every eventuality.