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Design a contemporary space based on industrial style interiors

You have probably realised by now that industrial interiors are all the rage. From loft apartments and warehouse conversions to startup offices and creative project venues, it’s all about that industrial chic look. Get swept up in the industrial interior design revolution and give any space a modern makeover to be proud of.

What is the industrial interior look?

At its core, industrial interior design is a balance of old and new, raw and streamlined, rustic and sleek. In other words, it is the result of carefully combining the best attributes of both vintage and contemporary styles. For example, you could take a studio with polished concrete floors and exposed brick walls, then furnish by placing a bold retro lounge opposite a stainless steel bench. From there you might add just a handful of innovative appliances across from a large canvas artwork, all surrounded by crisp colours like white and gunmetal grey. The trick is to keep the room simple yet sophisticated, interesting yet inviting. When done well, industrial interiors achieve a superb aesthetic edge.

Picking industrial interior furniture & accessories

Having identified the space where you will create an industrial style, your search for appropriate statement pieces and quirky extras can begin. There’s no limit to the types of decor, furniture and fittings you’re able to choose, but for some early inspiration you could consider metal and timber industrial style tables and chairs, cabinets, trunks and chests, and industrial pendant lights

For that splash of colour and creativity, check out accessories like vintage sewing machines, vintage typewriters, vintage clocks, wire bins and baskets, metal bar stools, sculptures, electric fans, free-standing lamps, and different types of industrial ceiling fixtures. 

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