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Offering 360 degrees of laser-guided reference, rotary laser levels are used for all kinds of construction and building, from foundations and concrete slabs, to site grading and levelling, fence installation, large machinery installation, utility work and even interior design.

How do rotary laser levels work?

Also known as rotating laser levels, these incredibly useful tools of the modern worksite produce a laser beam that rotates 360 degrees from the transmitter, which can be placed on the floor or on a tripod in a level position. The user holds a small receiver or laser detector, which will beep when it is lifted or lowered in the air to meet the same height as the laser beam. This allows the user a point of level reference when working at long distances away from the laser transmitter, sometimes up to 500 metres away. Some models can also be turned on their side to offer vertical levelling. Want to find out more? You can easily find useful tutorials online that further explain how to use these devices and their many applications.

Automatic Levelling vs. Manual Levelling

Some of the more expensive models available on eBay incorporate automatic levelling. You still need to level these models manually, by way of getting them relatively close to level when positioning them, but once close to level, this type of rotary laser will level itself automatically from there. Manual models, on the other hand, require you to level them perfectly yourself, and can take much longer to set up. Automatic levelling models can also be accidentally knocked or bumped a little and will automatically return themselves to the previous setting. If the impact is too large, however, even an auto-levelling rotary laser may shut down.

On eBay, you'll also find rotary laser level kits that come with tripods, flight cases, laser detectors and measuring staffs, giving you everything you need to get measuring. For short distance levelling on the worksite, see eBay's selection of industrial spirit levels, part of our extensive range of industrial hand tools. Check it out now!

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