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Industrial Metal Cutting Tools and Consumables

Even the toughest industrial metal cutting tools can't last forever on a single blade or cutter. This is why in metal cutting, the cutting surface is replaceable and known as a consumable. Selecting the right consumable will determine how good a cut is and how long you can work with the tool before you need another replacement. Following proper replacement guidelines and choosing the right consumable will extend the life of your tool and improve operator safety as well.

Metal Cutting Tools

Choosing consumables mainly depends on the tool you have and the main purpose of its use. Just the number and versatility of consumables for milling cutter tools is simply staggering. You can get different degree milling cutters, bits for different tools as well as various saws that fit the cutting equipment. If you need consumables for metal lathe cutting tools you will find an equally big spectrum of choice, covering sets of different size and supporting equipment used for changing the bits.

Metal Cutting Purpose

Some of the tools have more than one use, so keep in mind that you have to choose a consumable for the task at hand. The same blade that's used to cut aluminium pipes, might not cut through solid steel. Make sure you look at the specs and check that the consumable is up to the task. Consumables for tool room application might not be a good fit for tougher tasks, but they will deliver good precision cuts on lighter metal application.


The life of a consumable is highly dependent on proper care. To make sure your consumables are always in top shape, there are accessories used for installing, removing, cleaning and storing. You can buy them in a kit with the consumables or separately, but bare in mind that the accessories kit might differ for different metal cutting tools.

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