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Industrial Metalworking Clamps

Metalworking is a popular hobby among mechanically minded people across the world. It is fun, rewarding, and can even lead to you creating a wide range of useful items. However, to be a successful metal worker, you need to have a number of high quality tools.

Metalworking clamps are among the most important tools. They allow you to hold the thing you are working on in place, to hold things still while you work on them, and to clamp or hold things together while you weld or solder them.

What Types Of Metalworking Clamps Are There?

Like everything, there are plenty of different options on the market when it comes to selecting metalworking clamps. Some of the most popular types of metalworking clamps include:

  • Toggle clamps - Also known as a bench clamp, a toggle clamp attaches to your working surface, allowing you to securely fasten the thing you are working on to your work surface.
  • Pipe clamps - Pipe clamps are extremely versatile, which makes them great for metalworkers who regularly need different sized clamps.
  • C clamps - C clamps are among the most popular clamps on the market, and they are also relatively cheap. They are for simple clamping, and come in a range of sizes and other variations.

If you want a budget option, then consider looking at the range of unbranded metalworking clamps.

What Should I Think About When Choosing Metalworking Clamps?

Think about the following things to make sure that you aren't wasting your money:

  • What you need them for and whether the clamps you are looking at will be useful.
  • Their quality - you don't want cheap clamps that are going to break in no time.
  • Their condition - be careful with second-hand clamps, especially if they look well used.

What Other Metalworking Equipment Should I Choose?

Industrial metalworking equipment can be bulky and expensive, which means that you should limit your purchases to the things that you really need. Do your research, take a look at the wide range of industrial metalworking equipment and machinery on the market, and carefully identify the things that you need before you get them.

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