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Got one to sell?

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Metalworking is a valuable skill that can lead to a promising career or an enjoyable hobby. Turn to eBay for all of the tools and accessories you need to get going on your next professional or personal project.

A beginner’s guide to metalworking measuring tools

The best metalwork often comes down to precision. That’s why it’s so important to have all the appropriate metalworking measurement tools at your disposal whenever you start a new task or project. Oftentimes a standard ruler won’t be accurate enough to produce the exact measurements you need to make. That’s why metalworkers rely on calipers to give them exact readings. eBay has an excellent range of digital calipers as well as more traditional dial calipers so you can be as precise as possible. When it comes time to make your marks, take advantage of machinist’s squares, which can give you clean, straight lines to use for marking where to cut or punch into the metal itself. Finally, for an inside look, use a telescopic gauge to measure how deep a hole or bore is. These tools, all of which are available on eBay right now, are a great place to start when it comes to making metalworking measurements.

Understanding drills and drill bits

Many DIY projects require the use of drills and their associated parts to get the job done. Metalworking is no different. Having a bit of an understanding about how these devices work will help paint a clearer picture of what exactly you’re doing each time you pull that trigger on your drill. The instruments that bore down into the material are called drill bits. The body of a drill bit is called the shank. At the end of each drill is a round area called a chuck. The end of the drill bit that doesn’t go into the material fits into the chuck. It locks in and is then rotated rapidly so the pointed end can drill into the material. Keep these facts in mind next time you’re on eBay looking to buy metalworking parts and tools and you’ll give yourself a better chance of finding exactly what you need quickly and easily. Turn to eBay today for all your metalworking parts and accessories!  

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