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Industrial Mining Equipment

Australia has a strong mining industry with a proud history. Mining equipment can be suitable for either casual or industrial use. Hobbyist mining is an engaging outdoor activity that can also be quite lucrative. Mining supplies for prospective and minor mining activities are inexpensive and portable. Industrial equipment can be very expensive and requires specialised training for its deployment and use.

Mining Tools

While industrial mining no longer commonly uses old fashioned pickaxes, having moved to drills and mining vehicles, hobbyist mining still makes use of tools like prospector's picks and other small rock picks. These tools have a solid construction and feature a two-headed arrangement, with one side being a long sharp pick and the other a robust hammer. This allows the tools to be used to chip and break rocks or as a chisel to be struck with a large hammer to break bigger or tougher rocks. Smaller sample picks with nail-like heads are designed to scrap small amounts of material for later testing. Sample jars, glass vials with secure lids, are used to store and organise this material. Once in these jars, samples can be washed or mixed with chemicals to test for the presence of valuable matter, as well as inserted into or run past a metal detector. If attempting to sort dust, fine rock debris or water runoff, gold pans are the best option. These shallow dishes have ridges lining their sides. When a small amount of water and materials is sloshed within one, heavier materials sink to the bottom and are caught by the ridges. Eventually, only valuable heavy material, such as gold, remains.

Automated and Electrical Mining Equipment

Agitators are essentially automated gold pans, functioning in much the same way. They can be set up to filter and extract different materials. Agitators and the parts for them can be purchased. DIY agitators are not complex machines to construct. Diamond wire saws use reinforced cables to cut through metal and rock outcrops. If working in caves or mines, LED strips can provide cheap and reliable illumination. These can be securely bolted to wood, metal or raw stone, and can be battery operated or wired into larger electrical and control systems for warning or emergency beacons.

Mining Equipment Accessories

Many other mining items can enhance your mining activities. Mining mats are made from ultra-durable materials that are highly resistant to sun and rain. The mats are non-slip and can help you keep your grip in unsteady or wet conditions. LED headlamps are another mining must-have.

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