Industrial Plasma Cutters

Cut through metal with plasma cutters

A plasma cutter is a machine often used in the metalworking industry as it provides an easy way to cut through metal with high precision and speed. This effective piece of equipment cuts a range of materials including steel, cast iron, copper, aluminium plus many other metals with ease. If youre looking to replace or upgrade your existing plasma cutting equipment, there is a range of new, used and refurbished options in top brands such as Uni-Mig, Tanjant, Roassmark and many others.

Key features

This handy tool is an essential piece of equipment in automotive, metal fabrication, welding and repair industries. It provides a smooth and clean cut which is essential for fast and accurate work. Many cutter models also possess the latest technology to improve cut quality and enhance performance during use. They are simple to operate and can be used with attachments such as torch heads and cutting accessories. Welders, cutters and torches are portable and often feature one or two carry handles to move the equipment with ease.

Plasma cutting consumables

There is a range of consumables that are required for effective use of a plasma cutter. Youll find everything you need for a variety of cutter models including torches and bodies, torch tips, torch electrodes and shield cups plus many other handy essentials. Consumables come in a variety of pack quantities which offer an affordable way to buy everything you need for a project.

Complete plasma cutter kits

For both professionals and hobbyists looking for complete plasma cutters and consumable sets, there is a selection of kits available in this great range. These sets come with everything you need to get started in metalwork and industrial trades and may include a plasma cutter, cutting gun, clamps, cutting accessories and instructions on getting it set up.