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Got one to sell?

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Industrial Soldering Irons

Any electronics enthusiast knows that a good industrial soldering iron is a must in any workshop, not only for the premium quality construction but also for the reliability and added features that make them convenient to pick up and use. A hobbyist might not need industrial-grade soldering and desoldering equipment, but if you find yourself working frequently on electronics repairs or just plain want a better iron, looking into a premium alternative might solve your problems.

Soldering Stations

A soldering station is a definitive step-up from that first soldering iron you picked up at the grocery store as an afterthought. These powerful tools heat up exponentially quicker than basic irons and usually allow for easy control with a temperature knob. They typically come with a matching iron seat featuring a rectangular indentation for the sponge, which makes maintenance a breeze.

Soldering Tips

Your soldering iron probably comes equipped with a B series soldering tip. It has a round point that allows you to solder at any angle, making it ideal for many soldering applications and general purpose soldering. D series tips are chisel-shaped and also ideal for general soldering, the key difference being that the wider surface area makes the solder flow more readily due to better heat transfer. The C series is great for drag soldering because of the slightly curved face and angled tip, while the I series makes precision soldering easier with its needle-point tip though with lower heat transfer. Lastly, the K series, which stands for knife, has a slanted edge akin to a blade and is ideal for point and drag soldering as well as fixing solder bridges.


The unsung hero of soldering is the soldering iron holder. At its most basic design, it acts as a holster for the hot iron, but more innovative ones include a spool holder for the solder or a holding hands assembly. Holding hands are excellent for small electronics repair because you will often find that you are short a couple of hands to do a soldering job effectively. The alligator clips hold a board in place and often come with a magnifying glass to increase precision.

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