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Industrial Table Saws

If youre a woodworker, carpenter or somebody who often works with larger pieces of lumber, you know just how important table saws are. eBay is home to dozens of great industrial table saws full of powerful features that can help you finish your projects quickly and efficiently.

What is a planer?

One of the best facets of industrial saws is that they can do more than simply turn large pieces of wood in to smaller pieces. Many of them also act as planers. A wood planer is a machine that helps reduce the thickness of pieces of wood. You can set it to make multiple boards or planks the same width. It is also a great tool for smoothing out the face of the wood with which youre working.

Planers are especially useful if youre working with pieces of wood that feature some irregularities. Sometimes timber that is a funky shape or has some bumps or knots can be cheaper. With a planer, you can save money buying such pieces and then turn them into flatter, more workable shapes.

3 industrial saw safety tips

Whenever youre using industrial table saws, there are a few things you want to do to keep yourself and other users safe.

For one, always make sure youre wearing the proper safety gear, including but not limited to, goggles and, when possible, a respirator mask.

You also need to keep the machine in tip-top shape. Keep blades sharp so they dont catch on wood unexpectedly.

Finally, try to avoid using your hands to guide wood into the saw. Push blocks or sticks are great for sliding wood toward the spinning blades. Sometimes youll have no choice but to use your hands. In those instances you need to make sure to concentrate, even if youve used table saws for thousands of cuts.

eBay is the place to turn for your woodworking tools. Check out our great range of table saws, planers and drop saws today and get the machines you need to see your projects through to completion.