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Infinity Speakers and Subwoofers

Infinity has been building high-performance speakers for decades. Today, they design audio equipment for homes and vehicles alike.


Infinity first began building speakers in 1968, and quickly became famous for making high-end audio equipment based on innovative technology. Vintage Infinity speakers are still prized by audiophiles today. Today, the company builds a wide range of home speakers and subwoofers as well as designs for cars and boats, including the stock speakers on some Hyundai and Kia models. Infinity is owned by parent company Harman, which also owns fellow audio companies Harman/Kardon, JBL and AKG.

Home Speakers

Infinity’s current line of home speakers is their Reference range. These speakers feature internal bracing to prevent resonance from detracting from the audio quality delivered by their advanced Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragms. The Reference family includes multiple sizes of centre, floor and bookshelf speakers. It also contains two subwoofers: the 200 watt, 10-inch R10 and the 300 watt, 12-inch R12. Infinity’s home subwoofers allow you to set the crossover point at which sounds are directed to the subwoofer instead of the other speakers, so you can take greater control over your listening experience.

Vehicle Audio

As well as their home speaker lineup, Infinity also makes audio equipment for cars and boats, including the Kappa, Reference X and Primus systems. Infinity 2-way speakers contain a subwoofer and a tweeter, while their 3-way speakers also add a midrange speaker to handle medium frequencies. Adding the third channel increases sound quality overall, but also tends to make for larger and more expensive speakers. Infinity also sells component systems for car audio. Instead of mounting the speakers coaxially, component systems come with separate speakers for each channel. While it makes installation trickier, it improves sound quality and allows varying placement of speakers to create a larger soundstage.

Vehicle Accessories

Speakers are not the only components that make up a car audio system. If you need higher performance at higher volumes, adding an amplifier to your audio setup makes that possible. Infinity audio electronics for vehicles include four-channel and five-channel amplifiers, as well as dedicated subwoofer amplifiers. Some of their designs are Bluetooth-enabled, allowing them to control the speakers wirelessly and to receive input from wireless devices. Infinity also sells other car audio accessories including replacement speaker grille kits and their Input Management System audio controller.

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