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Using infrared light therapy to treat your ailments

There have been many studies into the benefits of red light therapy. This has resulted in an influx of light therapy devicesto the market. You can find everything from lamps incorporating Himalayan Pink Salt, to those emitting red and infrared light.

How infrared light therapy works

As wavelengths of light hit and penetrate your skin, the light photons work to produce a chemical reaction in your cell mitochondria, regenerating damaged cells, relieving pain and even giving you an energy boost. Infrared light therapy is said to help people with skin problems and/or wounds, reduce signs of aging, promote muscle recovery and growth, alleviate inflammation and joint pain, as well as increase melatonin production for a better night’s sleep. It is painless and doesn’t contain any harmful UV light.

Differences between red light and infrared light therapy

Red light therapy focuses on the surface of your skin, so is great if you have a skin condition. Conversely, infrared light penetrates much deeper, reaching your skin tissue, joints, muscles and bones. It can therefore offer greater benefits for a larger number of ailments that go beyond the surface, such as chronic muscle pain, inflammatory conditions and deep tissue injuries.

A device to suit

On eBay, you’ll find a big selection of infrared light therapy devices such as lamps, patch lights, small handheld lamps, kits, masks and more. Which one you choose depends on the area of your body you need to treat. Matching the size of your device to the area you need to target is important, as using a small device on a large area means you’ll need to use it for a much longer period to derive any benefit. Handheld devices are good for things like problem skin, but a bigger area - such as your lower back - would benefit from a larger appliance like a lamp.

Apart from infrared light therapy devices, eBay also has a large assortment of natural and alternative treatments to help with your aches and pains. Shop the range now.

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