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A bubbling spa or steaming hot sauna is an effective remedy for many people, helping with relaxation and muscle tension. These therapeutic hot rooms have been around for hundreds of years, and infrared technology makes it even easier have a sauna your very own home. Installing infrared saunas in your backyard or home can be a simple and cost-effective process.

What is infrared heating?

Infrared heating uses an infrared heating light to bring the sauna up to the desired temperature. While the heat in an infrared sauna is manufactured, these lights are completely safe for both humans and animals. Alternatively, you can purchase an independent sauna heater on eBay.

Infrared or traditional sauna?

Infrared saunas use a different element to heat the room compared to a traditional sauna, and the differences don't stop there. One of the benefits of an infrared sauna is that it is fast heating and it will heat up in half the time of a traditional sauna. However, it won't be able to reach the same high temperatures as a traditional sauna. Many users claim that infrared saunas provide a more gentle heat than a traditional sauna.

Features of an infrared sauna

When shopping for an infrared sauna, there are a few things to keep in mind. Think about which heating element you would like as you can get a ceramic infrared sauna and a carbon fibre infrared sauna. The ceramic heating style is of better quality and will create more heat however it will be more expensive.

To work out how much heat a sauna will produce, make sure you look for the emissivity rating. Heaters with the highest emissivity rating will usually provide more heat. Safety is also an important consideration as heating elements are often used next to wood which could be a fire hazard. Make sure that the sauna you are buying complies with Australian safety standards.

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