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Instant Hot Water

If you are a fan of warm baths, an instant hot water system is a basic necessity for you. Hot water systems are essential in households with babies and elderly members. Nowadays, one form or the other of a hot water system is found in almost all households. Instant hot water system can either be gas operated or electrical. There are a variety of sizes, capacities and versions of instant hot water systems available in the market, which can be installed with the help of a plumber. Some electric hot water systems are designed in such an easy way that you can install them yourself.

Gas and Electric Hot Water Heaters

Most households use gas water heating systems. They are the more traditional version of hot water systems and can be installed in a house by a maintenance staff member. The main body of the heater is installed in a convenient location inside the house, usually a washroom. The unit is then connected to gas hose and a regulating switch. The shower hose and water connections are then connected to the water outlet and water inlet connection. Some water heater systems come with shower heads, wall mounds and safety switches. Some gas hot water systems are portable, whereas, some larger versions are not portable and have to be installed in a central location inside the house. Electric hot water systems operate in the same way; however, they are operated by electricity instead of gas. New versions of electric heating systems draw low current and are safe and easy to control.

Universal Water Controller

Universal water controllers are really easy to install and provide warm water instantly. The controller, once installed, helps you maintain the temperature so there is no need to mix hot and cold water separately. Temperature controllers need to be installed for each location separately so if you need controlled water temperature inside the whole house, you will need to purchase controllers separately for each bathroom, washing area, kitchen and laundry room.

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