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Intel Core i7 Extreme 6th Gen. Desktops and All-In-One PCs

Desktop computers have evolved to allow for efficient yet highly compact workstations. In particular, all-in-one PCs (AIO) have all internal components along with the display packed in one unit, making them a little less compact than a laptop but much beefier in performance. While most are geared for humdrum office work, the most powerful AIOs are formidable gaming and workstation setups. Modern desktop setups on the other hand, have spacious cases that enable ample air cooling via upgradable fans and have a lot of room for upgrading.


The amount of random access memory (RAM) determines how much work your desktop can do simultaneously without locking up. For light to moderate use, 4 GB of RAM is enough, but if you plan on programming, rendering graphics or streaming gameplay over the internet, more RAM is always better for smoother workflow. Many AIOs can handle a little bit of online streaming, but in case you want to set up your own streaming channel, buying a pre-built Intel Core i7 Extreme 6th Generation desktop or AIO with 8 GB of RAM is a great start.

Data Storage

Data storage is easily overlooked. Oftentimes, more storage isn’t always better especially if you want faster read or write speeds. Opt for a desktop or AIO with a solid state drive (SSD) for fast boot times and nimble overall system performance. If capacity is a higher priority, then a 2 TB Intel Core i7 E6th Generation desktop or all-in-one PC is both fast and spacious. This set-up can comfortably house plenty of movies, music, photos and other valuable data while being a zippy workstation.

Graphics Card

Your computer’s graphics card is the most important component if you want smooth high-definition audio playback or streaming as well as great gaming performance. AIOs with beefy graphics cards come at a premium, while pre-built or custom-built desktops benefit from users being able to buy the card separately, thereby reducing the upgrade cost.

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