Stay comfortable in your own skin with Intimo lingerie, dresses and other clothing from eBay. 

Intimo proudly makes fashionable underwear and outerwear that elevates your style and suits your everyday life. eBay has hundreds of quality Intimo pieces that can slot into your wardrobe seamlessly, providing an avenue to the style, comfort and affordability we all crave. 

Uplifting for women of all shapes and sizes 

One of Intimo's core philosophies is helping women feel supported throughout the day and night. This is perhaps most evident in Intimo women's bras and panties, which provide physical support in a range of different packages. With standard black, brown and white offerings as well as fun designs and cuts, you can express yourself comfortably. 

Building outwards 

In addition to mastering bras and panties, Intimo also produces top-notch outerwear. Intimo women's tops include camisoles, t-shirts and other wardrobe essentials to help you round out your look. And Intimo dresses and skirts let you feel the flow and flair. 

Intimo above all wants you to feel good emotionally and physically, with a stable of experts in Melbourne working to keep each and every piece of lingerie and underwear suitable for real-world women. Everybody should look and feel good in the clothes they wear. Check out eBay's selection from this popular Australian brand and find a fantastic fit for you today.