Ion Foot Baths

Natural remedies are a popular way to treat various issues. Ion foot baths can assist users in detoxifying their body by removing impurities, toxins, heavy metals and other foreign matter that may have built up over time. Ion foot baths are safe, easy to use and an effective option for those who suffer from a variety of ailments. Homeopathic remedies have a strong following, and with the wide range of aromatherapy supplies, you can benefit from this form of healing and build your own spa supply kit.

Benefits of Ion Foot Baths

Ion foot baths are proven to help in reducing toxins. They are aimed at those who suffer from skin conditions, cancer, arthritis, pain and various other conditions. Ion foot baths aim to improve the body's alkalinity, which is an important factor to maintain optimal health and bodily functions. Improving alkalinity helps to prevent diseases from surviving, as they thrive in an acidic environment. The benefits include pain reduction, boosting metabolism, removing fat and disease, reduced inflammation, increased energy levels and relief from allergies and insomnia.


Ionic foot baths come in a variety of styles, each with their own unique set of features. Many machines feature digital LCD displays and infrared belts, enabling you to control the machine with physical buttons. Set a treatment time, treatment mode and view records of operation on the digital LCD to keep track of your results. Infrared belts help to increase body temperature and stimulate blood flow, which helps in removing toxins. They are also very good at pulling negative ions from your body and increasing oxygen flow.

How It Works

When filled with water and switched on, the ionic foot bath will generate negative and positive ions which will be added to the water, creating a positive cell environment. When you put your feet in the water, toxins will be removed. Essentially the foot bath functions like a magnet, pulling toxins and heavy metals from your body via your feet. After about thirty minutes the water will turn a dirty colour, this is supposedly due to the toxins which have been removed as well as the interaction between the water and electrodes.

Replacement Arrays

Over time, the arrays in your ion foot bath will need to be replaced. There is a wider range of replacement arrays available, and these can be purchased in bulk so that you never run out. Each array will last for between 30 and 50 sessions before they should be replaced.