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Isuzu Wheels and Tyres

After buying an Isuzu car or truck, you may want to customise or replace your vehicle’s tyres or wheels. When it’s time to select the right set of Isuzu car and truck wheels, especially as a first time buyer, there are many things to consider.


Steel and cast alloy wheels are the two main materials used to manufacture of Isuzu wheels. Steel wheels are built out of steel and are heavier compared to alloy wheels. They tend to be more durable and have a high malleability that prevents them from chipping upon impact. Their consistent composition prevents the likelihood of wobbling. These qualities make them better suited for heavy commercial Isuzu trucks. Cast alloy wheels are made out of aluminium alloy material and utilise low-pressure casting techniques to increase malleability. Aluminium alloy is more porous and allows air to flow through the wheels to cool the brakes. Cast alloy wheels are rust-resistant, easy to clean and shine more, making them better suited for Isuzu luxury cars.


Isuzu cars and trucks can accommodate a range of wheel and tyre diameter sizes to give owners some flexibility in case they decide to customise their vehicle’s look. Wheel size is measured in terms of diameter and width in inches. Diameter refers to the wideness of a wheel across the centre while rim width is the measure from bead seat to bead seat. Another factor to consider is your tyre's aspect ratio as it has an impact on the sidewall height and driving performance.

Bolt Patterns

Another important feature to consider is the bolt pattern. Bolt pattern refers to the number of lug holes contained in a wheel and how far apart they are spread from each other. Most Isuzu wheels have five or six lugs, but the number of lugs can range anywhere from four to eight lugs. Bolt pattern should also be considered as it also determines the size and type of Isuzu car and truck hubcaps you can attach to your wheel to give it a more attractive and complete look.

Offset and Backspacing

Choosing the perfect Isuzu wheel and tyre package also relies a lot on offset and backspacing. These two qualities determine whether there is sufficient room for the new wheel and tyre combination to fit well without interfering with the braking and suspension components. Wheels and tyres that are a match for your Isuzu truck or car should offer proper stability when turning corners and not rub against the bodywork.

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