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Jack & Jones is a brand that stems from humble beginnings. They got their start over 25 years ago when it was just a few guys and their small collection of jeans and an unquenchable passion for fashion. All these years later, Jack & Jones is still standing strong. Only now, the team has grown quite a bit and they offer many more products aside from their jeans collection. You need more than a simple pair of jeans to build a wardrobe, but jeans are a good start. Also, Jack & Jones offers casual classics, suiting, footwear, accessories, and urban sportswear. Whatever the occasion, Jack & Jones has fashion that covers all the bases. 

T-Shirts Jack & Jones for Men

When it comes to Jack & Jones’ T-Shirts, there’s a wide range of options. If you prefer a plain, solid coloured t-shirt, then Jack & Jones has a range for you. Do you prefer to wear logos? Guess what? Jack & Jones has a lot to offer. In addition to small logo t-shirts, you will find large graphic tees in a range of styles and designs. Additionally, you can buy t-shirts of any colour. 

Beyond the logo t-shirts, Jack & Jones offers slick pinstripes, single stripes, and plain t-shirts. Pair them with shorts, chinos, jeans or even slacks. A t-shirt doesn’t have to be a casual look if you pair it with a blazer and nice pants. It can be as casual or dressy as you like. You’ll also find a slick collection of long-sleeved grandad collars, which make for great undershirts or just on their own. 

Jack & Jones Men’s Jeans

Slim fit designer straight legs, skinny biker, simple slim stretch fits, straight cut, loose fit cargos and ripped chinos. There is a wide range of options to peruse when it comes to Jack & Jones men’s jeans. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer standard jean fits or you like them snug, there are plenty of different styles and cuts to choose from. 

Every man needs options when it comes to jeans in the drawer. It’s important to have the old reliable pair of comfortable jeans you slip into for normal activities. It’s just as important, though, to have stylish options for drinks with friends. Perhaps even more importantly, you need jeans to call on for dates, nights out, and other big events where smart casual is the dress code. Most people falsely believe that jeans aren’t an appropriate smart-casual choice. The truth is, that all depends on the jeans you buy. Jack & Jones regular fit smart-casual jeans are a perfect option to smarten up a casual outfit. 

Coats & Jackets Jack & Jones for Men

Whether you are looking for a parka, puffer or bomber jacket, Jack & Jones has all the bases covered. You can find a lightweight bomber jacket that is both wind and waterproof, ideal for the barely cooler weather and falling rain. For heavier rain and colder weather, an aviator bomber jacket is a great choice. A body-warmer is the ideal choice to layer up or to navigate slightly cooler weather. A more simple classic look can be found in a vintage denim jacket. While they may come and go in terms of on-trend fashion, truth is, denim jackets are always stylish. It’s all down to the cut and style you opt for and what you wear it with. 

Whether you are looking for a jacket to hit the ski slopes, keep dry or just to elevate your style, you have a wide variety of options from Jack & Jones. For style purposes, a quilted bomber is an excellent option. The chequered bomber coat provides warmth while looking like a stylish flannel shirt. There’s an excellent option for everyone. 

Hoodies & Sweatshirts Jack & Jones 

Hoodies, zip-ups, jumpers or sweatshirts, Jack & Jones has them all. There are plenty of colours, designs, and styles to choose from, whether you are into stripes, patterns, bold prints, solids or logos. 

A sweatshirt is athletic, but it can make you look chic. This simple pullover is season-less, it’s perfect for layering, it stands on its own, and it’s suitable for every body shape. Long before the term athleisure was coined, sweatshirts were blurring the lines between fashion and sportswear. Hollywood star Paul Newman was famous for his long of the classic pullover and he has long been known for his classic styling. The truth of the matter is the sweatshirt was invented as a technical garment for American football players. It was comfortable to exercise in and was designed to wick sweat. By the 1950s it was a trademark for preppy university students and by the 1980s rappers like Will Smith and Ice-T were rocking them. Today, the range of sweatshirts runs the gamut from classic casual to branded and oversized. It’s a lot like shopping for a t-shirt, but smarter looking. 

Jack & Jones Men’s Clothing

There is nothing complicated about men’s fashion. At least, there needn’t be. Like you do with any product, choose clothing that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. Your sense of style is an extension of your personality. Shop for clothing that makes you look and feel good. Find the fit that is right for you and buy the clothes that reflect your personality, style, and self. With Men’s Jack & Jones, you have the opportunity to allow your clothes to do the talking as soon as you walk into the room. 

There is still time to build your wardrobe. With Jack & Jones, you can build a capsule wardrobe to rival anyone. The beauty of a capsule wardrobe is it makes getting ready much simpler, you focus on purchasing clothing you truly love and feel comfortable and confident wearing, and it will save you in the long-run. Start building your capsule by shopping the full range of Jack & Jones clothing on eBay. You just need a handful of really great pieces to rotate into creating several different outfits for every occasion.