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Japanese/Hibachi Grill BBQs

Japanese Hibachi Grill BBQs

Enjoy delicious meals on a Japanese Hibachi grill or BBQ. Compare products to find the one best suited to your cooking style and requirements. You can compare materials, fuel type and other features to ensure you receive the right model for you.

Fuel Type for Japanese Hibachi BBQs

Many of these Japanese Hibachi BBQs are charcoal BBQs to provide the traditional flavor found in Japanese and Korean restaurants but you can also find propane grills. Propane or natural gas makes it easier to heat up your cooking surface for faster cooking times.

Materials for Japanese Hibachi BBQs

Stainless steel is a popular choice of material for these grills because it provides even heating and is stylish. Others may have a ceramic base which may be handmade for a unique touch. Stone grills are more traditional and appeal to many grillers.

Colour for Japanese Hibachi BBQs

Choose a Japanese Hibachi BBQ with a colour to showcase your personality. Stainless steel is a timeless design while black is another classic option. However, you may prefer the bold shade of red to stand out in your cooking area. Beige is another popular choice for stone grills.

Other Features for Japanese Hibachi BBQs

Consider the various features of the different products to determine which model is best suited for your grilling. Many of these grills are portable BBQs, allowing you to move it from a countertop to the table and other areas if you have limited cooking space. Some of these products are even dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. You will find square, rectangular or round grills. Determine how much space you need to cook your food to decide the right size and shape for your grill. You can even find replacement racks for your grill if you need a new one.

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