Japanese Pottery and Porcelain

Enjoy tea time using select pieces of Japanese pottery such as teapots, saucers and tea cups. You can also purchase Japanese bottles, figurines and other types of pottery and porcelain clay items to blend with your other home decor.

Japanese Pottery and Porcelain Teaware

With your favourite tea in hand, choose a teapot with a built-in strainer to infuse your tea. Teapots are made from stoneware, glass and ceramic materials. Additionally, you can purchase tea sets to include the teapot and cups or they are available as separate pieces. You'll find examples in vintage, antique originals and reproductions to suit your preferences.

Japanese Pottery and Porcelain Styles

A mid-century modern china bowl may have detailed representations of flowers or bamboo foliage on the inside and outside. You'll find post-war designs of matching fluted cups and saucers or a milk jug creamer with birds and flowers painted on the front and back. Choose art deco salt and pepper shakers or sake cups from the Renaissance period.

Other Japanese Pottery and Porcelain

Display a Japanese vase or Japenese crockery such as platters and dishes in a cupboard to use regularly or on special occasions. Vases are nearly always handpainted and may include gold or silver-plated engravings.